The clients, having recently expanded their 1930s property with a new patio, sought my expertise to rejuvenate the remaining neglected garden space. Devoid of any notable plantings, they envisioned a transformation that included the introduction of Cherry trees, particularly, and the creation of screening at the rear of the property. Additional requests encompassed a designated play area for the children, secure bike storage, and zones for relaxation and barbecuing.
Leveraging the gentle slope of the garden, I implemented new levels, incorporating raised beds for diverse plantings and establishing a new patio for unwinding. The landscape now boasts the presence of two Prunus Accolade and two multi-stemmed Amelanchier trees, complemented by the grace of an olive tree. To cater to the children's recreational needs, two swings were strategically placed.
The garden's enchanting ambiance is further heightened during the evening hours with thoughtfully placed recessed lighting, casting a magical glow around the new patio area. Recognising the complexity of the changes, including the introduction of new trees and altered levels, a Dulwich Estate planning application was necessary. I meticulously provided all requisite drawings and specifications to facilitate the application process, ensuring compliance and a seamless transition from concept to reality.
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