The design directive for this garden in SW London was to evoke the essence of the homeowners' cherished trips to Morocco. To capture the Moroccan aesthetic, raised beds were introduced, providing a platform for the incorporation of traditional plaster walls. In collaboration with a Moroccan tile company, the garden was adorned with vibrant and warm Moroccan tiles, infusing the space with color and cultural richness.
The raised beds not only served as a canvas for the traditional plaster walls but also created a multi-dimensional layout that added visual interest to the garden. The Moroccan tiles, with their intricate patterns and vivid hues, became a focal point, transforming the outdoor space into a reminiscent haven of the homeowners' favorite travel destination.
This thoughtful integration of Moroccan-inspired elements resulted in a garden that not only met the design brief but also became a personalized retreat, transporting the homeowners to the enchanting ambiance of Morocco within the comfort of their SW London home.
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