In response to a client's request for a budget-friendly garden refresh, a thoughtful and cost-effective approach was employed to achieve a tidy and appealing outdoor space. The primary focus was on maximizing the existing elements while introducing simple yet impactful changes.
The existing paving was revitalized through cleaning, re-grouting, and leveling, providing a renewed and cohesive appearance. To expand the usable space, the decking was extended into the garden, creating a versatile area for various activities.
Re-planting was introduced to infuse new life and greenery into the space without a substantial financial investment. The addition of screening elements and the application of a fresh coat of paint to the fences contributed to a bright and contemporary aesthetic, further enhancing the visual appeal of the garden.
This low-budget tidy-up demonstrates that a strategic and thoughtful approach, focusing on revitalising existing elements and making strategic additions, can result in a transformed and visually pleasing garden without breaking the bank.
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