The design for this charming private family garden in North London was driven by the desire to complement the existing rear London brick wall and introduce an invigorating planting scheme. With the homeowners' preference for retaining a lawn, the design incorporated raised beds and a designated sitting area at the top of the garden.
To accentuate the beauty of the rear brick wall, Espalier trees were strategically added, not only enhancing the aesthetic appeal but also providing a practical element by yielding fruits during the summer months. This choice not only contributed to the visual interest of the space but also added a functional layer with the potential for a fruitful harvest.
The thoughtful integration of raised beds, seating, and the lush lawn created a well-balanced and visually captivating garden space. By aligning the design with the clients' preferences and incorporating both aesthetic and practical elements, the result is a private family garden that harmonises with the existing features while introducing new layers of beauty and functionality.

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