In crafting the design for this South East London garden, the primary objectives were to establish screening, provide versatile seating areas suitable for both sun and shade, and integrate recycled materials remaining from recent construction endeavors. The sustainability-focused approach involved repurposing these materials to fashion a water feature, seating elements, and screening, seamlessly blending eco-consciousness with aesthetic appeal.
The preservation of the beautiful fig tree and oak tree became key focal points, anchoring the design with established natural elements. To further enhance the garden's visual and functional aspects, evergreen hedging was strategically introduced, ensuring year-round interest and structural integrity.
Shade-loving plants were thoughtfully incorporated, accentuating the areas beneath the existing trees and creating pockets of tranquility. The emphasis on evergreen, structural plants not only contributed to the garden's aesthetic appeal but also guaranteed a visually pleasing and harmonious landscape throughout the seasons. This thoughtful integration of recycled materials, existing flora, and strategic planting resulted in a sustainable and visually captivating garden that met the client's brief and enhanced the overall appeal of the outdoor space.

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