For a full re-design of your garden, our first step is to discuss your specific preferences and needs for your garden. Together, we will create a detailed brief, which will be complemented by a thorough on-site survey. To facilitate this process, I have a client brief questionnaire available for you to complete. This questionnaire and our discussions will serve as a valuable tool in shaping the brief, aiding in the identification of the garden's intended function, desired style, and overall content.
During our initial design meeting, I will unveil a 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) rendering of your garden. This immersive visualisation will provide you with a clear understanding of the garden's layout. By presenting a three-dimensional representation, you'll gain insight into the spatial arrangement, the interconnection of various areas, and the harmonious relationship between landscaping and planting. This approach ensures that you not only see each facet of the garden but also perceive how you personally engage with and inhabit the space.
Upon your approval of the conceptual design, we proceed to craft a comprehensive Presentation Plan. This document encompasses detailed specifications of all materials incorporated into the design, accompanied by any necessary construction drawings. This meticulously prepared plan serves as a formal documentation for tender purposes, providing a clear and precise overview for potential contractors or builders. This ensures an efficient transition from concept to implementation.​​​​​​​
The Planting Plan holds a pivotal role in the design process, tailored uniquely for you and your garden. This detailed plan incorporates a comprehensive color guide showcasing all plants within the design, complete with extensive horticultural descriptions. Included are the planting layout itself, specifying the arrangement and quantities of plants, along with the recommended pot sizes. This personalised guide ensures a thorough understanding of the proposed plant palette, offering both a visual representation and essential information to bring the envisioned garden to life.