This expansive, sun-drenched garden in Dulwich faced challenges with limited entertainment areas and cumbersome access from the rear patio doors, given the significant elevation difference between the house and garden levels. In response, I devised a design solution featuring steps that artfully guided through the newly conceptualized entertaining zones. This included a small patio adjacent to the rear doors, accompanied by raised beds to showcase vibrant planting visible from within the house.
Addressing the need for versatile entertainment spaces, particular attention was given to both sunlit and shaded areas. A pergola, complete with a sliding panelled roof, was strategically positioned over the substantial dining table. Cedar screens were employed in the seating zone, imparting dappled shade for comfort. A lower deck, fashioned from composite decking, was dedicated to the barbecue and sun lounging, creating a multifunctional space.
To enhance the garden's allure throughout the year, a lively herbaceous planting scheme was incorporated, ensuring a spectrum of colours and textures for perpetual visual interest. This thoughtful garden redesign not only resolved logistical challenges but also harmonised aesthetics with functionality, resulting in a captivating outdoor retreat.
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