The Sydenham garden, situated at the end of a terrace, provided a unique and expansive space with a broad aspect both to the rear and side, offering a sense of openness without being overly exposed. Tasked with designing the layout for this garden, my focus was on integrating a planned outdoor studio, incorporating an existing climbing frame, and establishing new zones for various activities such as entertaining, relaxation, children's play, adventures, and vegetable cultivation.
To infuse character and sustainability into the design, I repurposed slices, or 'cookies,' from a mature sycamore that had been felled in the garden, creating whimsical stepping stones throughout the garden for the children's enjoyment. Carefully delineated areas were designated for seating, cooking, and dining, ensuring a harmonious flow within the space. The introduction of mixed species turf aimed to enhance biodiversity and ecological balance, while clay pavers and sawn sandstone were employed for paving and walls, contributing to a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic.
Notably, the garden's success extended beyond its visual appeal. The clients, initially unfamiliar with plants and gardening, embraced the space wholeheartedly. In their first year, they not only cultivated a thriving garden but also produced an impressive abundance of vegetables, showcasing the transformation of the outdoor space into a vibrant and productive haven.
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