Upon my initial visit to this well-established garden, the clients, who were enthusiastic gardeners, expressed dissatisfaction with specific areas and sought my design expertise. The primary focus was on enhancing the view from the house, particularly through the expansive patio windows, which had previously been constrained by an existing arch and trellis structure.
To address this, I embarked on a design approach that opened up the garden, allowing for a more expansive and inviting view. Bespoke wood and steel screens, along with a carefully crafted pergola, were introduced to redefine and elevate the visual aesthetics of the space. Adding a touch of natural allure, glacial boulders were strategically incorporated, with the clients actively participating in the selection process, enhancing their connection to the garden.
This thoughtful redesign not only addressed the clients' concerns but also transformed the garden into a more visually appealing and harmonious environment. The personalised elements, such as the bespoke screens and pergola, contributed to a unique and tailored space that resonated with the clients' gardening passion and preferences.
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