The transformation of this neglected garden in Forest Hill brought new life to the outdoor space for a family with young children. The clients' vision aimed to utilize the previously neglected side area of the property, introducing raised beds and incorporating a fruit tree into the landscape.
Two large horse chestnut trees dominated the garden, leading to a strategic design that kept the areas beneath them low-maintenance and open for children to freely explore. Future plans included the addition of a playhouse in this space. To enhance the overall functionality, a screen was introduced to the side of the house, lightening the space and creating a designated area for toy storage.
For the paved section, Khandler grey sawn sandstone was chosen, providing a visually appealing and durable surface. The introduction of a pleached apple tree not only added aesthetic interest but also created dappled shade over the dining area. The planting scheme featured a mix of Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight,' Astrantia, Agapanthus africanus, and Pittosporum tobira 'nanum,' contributing to a varied and visually engaging garden.
This thoughtful redesign not only revitalised the neglected space but also created a versatile and welcoming environment for the family, balancing practicality with aesthetics to cater to the needs of both adults and children.
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