The 1960s primary school sought a low-maintenance and child-friendly planting scheme to rejuvenate neglected areas on the school grounds. The challenge was to create an aesthetically pleasing landscape that would endure the lively activities of the children while providing year-round interest.
The chosen approach centered around evergreen, structural planting, ensuring that the greenery remained visually appealing throughout the seasons. Grasses were strategically incorporated, not only for their visual appeal but also for their resilience against the exuberance of the children. Their robust nature helped withstand the activities in the playground and outside classroom spaces, providing a child-proof solution.
This thoughtful combination of evergreen elements, structural plants, and resilient grasses resulted in a low-maintenance yet visually dynamic landscaping solution for the school. The design not only addressed the neglected areas but also created an inviting and durable environment for the children to enjoy throughout the year.

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