The transformation of a neglected family garden in Dulwich, previously overshadowed by a dominant Mulberry tree, was approached with the goal of creating enjoyable spaces for a busy family with two children. Responding to the clients' desire for family-friendly zones, I incorporated a swing seat and designated areas for entertaining, featuring a barbecue and chiminea. Recognising the need for a second entrance to connect with the adjacent grandparents' residence, I seamlessly integrated this access point into the design.
To enhance the family-friendly atmosphere, I introduced a pond adorned with stepping stones, offering both a playful element for the children and an opportunity to observe pond wildlife. The intentional use of wildflower turf aimed to attract pollinators, while a mixed species lawn turf added diversity to the landscape. Sustainable practices were emphasized by repurposing existing York stone crazy paving into the lawn area, minimizing landfill impact.
Creating visual interest and functional separation, multi-stemmed shrubs such as Cotinus 'Grace' and Buddleja 'Royal Red' were strategically positioned to introduce height and screening. This thoughtful redesign not only revitalized the neglected garden but also tailored it to the dynamic lifestyle of the family, fostering enjoyment for all members while harmonizing with the surrounding environment.
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